This season of love will not be complete without love songs. Love songs are songs that talk about falling in love, romantic love, and the feelings experienced by these events.

They usually cut across various musical genres with the most notable one being RnB (Rhythm n’ Blues). There are also amazing line-ups of artists notable for singing beautiful love songs.

The Valentine season is a season of love, and as such, it is only right that love melodies accompany the day, in order to boost the mood that the day itself has already set in the hearts of lovers and friends.

In this blog, we would be examining 15 Nigerian love songs. Those ones that remind us of those we love, and those we cherish. To be honest, picking these songs was not an easy task as there are lots of other songs that easily qualify as love songs.

So, we decided to select these songs based on the test of time; classic love songs that have stood the test of time, with newer songs from the younger generation that have the high probability of standing the test of time and remain evergreen.  These songs have been listed in no particular order and are strictly Nigerian.


This is a stellar song by the legend 2Face where he talks about the lady of his dreams, and the effect she has on him, the things she motivates him to do, how he feels whenever he is with her. Lyrically packed with the sweetest words to ever grace the Nigerian airwaves in the last decade, this song will forever remain a classic.


“So I promise you, forever and for always, girl you are my sunshine, don’t you go away.” Timi Dakolo in this song delivers a wonderful love message which talks about what his partner means to him and his willingness to fulfill the many promises he has made to her. Well Done, Timi.


This song was released in 2007 and has been a classic for many Nigerian weddings. Sunny talks about how no one can destroy the love two partners share, as long as they decide to protect each other from negative people and events. It also consists of short prayers for newlyweds. If you just got married, or you’re getting married very soon, this song should be on your playlist.


With one of his many hit singles off his “Mushin 2 Mo Hits” album, Wande Coal blesses our ears with this beautiful song where he talks about his certainty in finding the girl of his dreams, as a matter of fact, he claims to have found her. This is evident in the lyrics which seem to try to persuade or woo his love interest into accepting him, and also stating the fact that he would be unable to do without her. For those of you trying to woo a lady into a relationship with you, this song is what we call a “sure banker”.


This song by P Square states that they have never and will never meet anyone better than their lovers. “See I don go many places, I’ve seen many faces, No one be like you…” This song ruled the airwaves for a considerable amount of weeks. It’s totally deserving of this list.

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Banky W talks about the compatibility of lovers in this song. The lyrics are enough proof of this: “Just like the stars were made to light the sky, and like the pretty birds were made to fly, like the sun was made to shine, and the moon was made for the night, like the sky is blue, baby I was made for you.”


In this Rap/R&B collaboration by the splendid duo of M.I. and Waje, they both talk about being there for each other no matter the challenges they may face. This song is the true representation of how love is supposed to be; UNCONDITIONAL.


Aduke is a love song that basically speaks of fulfilling promises made between lovers, no matter the cost. It also speaks of levels of intimacy, which we all know is inevitable between lovers as time passes.


In this song, Runtown crosses borders into neighboring country Ghana and speaks of a certain lady he met and consequently fell in love with. He even likened her to the local delicacies available and confesses that he is crazily in love with her. Of course, this is just a poetic interpretation of how loving someone makes many of us feel. We think he hit the nail on the head with this one.


“Shout out to my one and only, na you be my alobam” – Adekunle Gold blesses us in this track with his interpretation of love in his native language. In this song, he sends his love and greetings to his lover, assuring her that although he doesn’t have much to offer now, his heart should be enough proof that there is more to come if she is willing to trust his process and abide with him through the tough times. What makes this song very beautiful is that he eventually marries the muse he sang about IN REAL LIFE!!! How cool is that???

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We don’t know about you, but this song sounds perfect. Vocals beat, lyrics are all on point as Johnny Drille speaks to his lover, asking her to wait for him as he embarks on a journey which may take some time. He says she will always be on his mind, and though he would be far away, he would be with her in her heart, pending his return into her arms. Please pass the boxes of toilet paper around, thank you.


This hit banger from the hottest trio in the 2000s is a love song that tells the story of a young man going through a rough patch with his lover. In spite of this, he believes that whatever challenges they may be going through is temporary and they will come out better from it.


Tosin Martins gives a wonderful composition laced with vocals from his mother tongue, with a beat to match. In this song, he pours his heart out to his lover, telling her all that he wishes them to be as life partners. Forever a classic, if you ask us.


Son of music legend IK Dairo, Paul Play Dairo walks in the footsteps of his father by giving us a wonderful track that speaks of a lady who has grown to become his angel. Now, we know you’re wondering what angels have to do with love, but if your lover makes you feel at peace, that’s a heavenly feeling.


Fall in love is a song by Nigerian legend D’Banj and it basically talks about how an initial love, at first sight, blooms into true love. In this song, D’Banj expresses his feelings about the various negative comments made by people close to him about the woman he has chosen for himself. In spite of this, he decides to stick to her because she makes him feel on top of the world and he simply can not do without her. Talk about the power of love!

No matter the gift you’d be giving your partner this season, remember to play one of these favorite love songs for them on a repeat and reassure them of your undying love for them.

Is there any other song that you think should have been on this list? That one or two mushy feeling songs that we missed and tell us why you think it should be here? Leave your comments below.

Have a love filled Valentine celebration.