Gender balance in everything.

The world is rapidly evolving. Just a few decades ago, the world held on to certain laws, rules, customs and traditions that restricted the rights and freedom of women in all spheres of life. From education, business, sports, wealth creation and ownership, media, religion among many others, all held sway over the affairs of women, with the men diligently supervising adherence.

Things have now changed.

The world we live in today is fast adjusting to a lot of realities about women, and it’s to our good. Otherwise, the consequences of battling an inevitable change would have been disastrous. Traditional thoughts and practices by women are now being gradually removed and replaced with those that will better benefit the women of this modern dispensation.

The woman of today does not have to live like the woman of yesterday. She is no longer confined to the kitchen, or to the bedroom. She can now explore as many options as are allowed to her male counterparts. She has been rightfully given – after constant agitation and protests – the same rights as a man would have.

A woman is also free in the aspect of relationships. Gone are the days when her spouse was determined by her parents, who usually married her off for personal or financial gain, turning her into a commodity. Today, a woman can select who she wants to spend the rest of her life with, without fear of repercussions and objectification.

For the men who have been fortunate enough to be born into the world as we see it today, the onus is on them to ensure that the rights of women are upheld in all corners of the world, while ensuring that, among them, they educate those that might be against this positive development.

It is important that women are given the same treatment as men, being members of the same species. No one gender should be treated better than the other. This is the real purpose of feminism, that women have equality with men in all areas of life, especially in areas that they have direct influence over.

For international women’s day, we wish that the world would continue to achieve a gender balance in all sectors.

Today and always, we celebrate exceptional women around the world who have overcome a myriad of obstacles and have come out stronger. They now serve as a beacon of light and hope for the billions of women around the world, women are now constantly on the frontiers of growth and development in all sectors around the world and the world is becoming a much better conducive environment for everyone.

Let’s #BalanceForBetter.

Happy International Women’s Day.