Love is in the air! This is the season of love and anywhere you turn to now, its lovers and friends alike, gearing up with wonderful plans to surprise their loved ones.

It’s all in a bid to appreciate them and also remind them of your undying love.

This love day has got people clamoring and thinking about how to make this day eventful for them and their significant other.

Are you one of those who feels that Valentine’s Day came pretty soon after Christmas coupled with January’s brokenness? We perfectly understand because there’s little or no cash to splash out at this time. Are you undaunted by these factors and would still want to go ahead and show love to your lover, but don’t know how exactly to express your love on Val’s day without spending so much?

Are you wondering which gift or experience would scream ‘I love you’ and be suitable for them?

Do you want your significant other to know that you love and appreciate them without breaking the bank that you don’t even owe? We’ve come up with 7 amazing and affordable ways to say I love you this Valentine; they are great and creative ways to say I love you, loud and clear!

Affordable Ways to Say I Love You This Valentine:

  1. Eat-in

This is a wonderful and private way to spend some quality time with your spouse. You already know what their favorite meal is, you can either prepare it if you’ve got enough time or you can order from a restaurant to be delivered to the house. Add some bottles of your favorite wines and chocolates to the table. This should be done in a proper dinner setting in the house with candles and beautiful love songs playing softly in the background. This creates a wonderful opportunity for both of you to talk about your love life and how to make things better.

Tip: If you have kids and think they’d disturb the fun, you can send the kids to their granny’s place or have someone sit with them so you and your spouse can enjoy your privacy to the fullest.

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  1. Love themed movie night

This is also an avenue to spend quality time together. There’s always one movie making waves at a point in time. The both of you should agree on which movie you want to see and get it ready before time. Buy popcorn, snacks, and drinks so you can munch on while watching the movie. At the end of it, each person would be required to give their opinion of the movie and then you can proceed to talk about yourselves.  Don’t forget to appreciate and thank them for making your life colorful.

  1. Cute card and Handmade gifts

This doesn’t actually cost a fortune. An artist can design a custom made card with your chosen words on it and you can give it to your partner with a lovely gift item. Only ensure that the words on the card re-affirm your love for them and appreciated them over and over again.

  1. Tuck notes and gifts in their clothes.

Add surprise to the fun. Take post-it notes and write sweet messages on them.  Then randomly tuck them into a stack of your partner’s clothing. They’d surely be in for a sweet little surprise. Also, buy them their favorite candy or snack and hide it, along with the love note, in their cloth (preferably one they’d be wearing on that particular day) or you can even drop it in the dashboard of the car for them to notice when they get into the car.

  1. Do one of their usual household chores for them.

Everyone loves to be pampered. Help out with their chores whether or not they’ll notice. When they do notice, just grin, give them a kiss and say “I love you!”

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  1. Pray for them loud in their presence.

We all appreciate someone praying for us every now and then but nothing beats having your partner pray for you. Ask them what you can pray about for them.  Command blessings over them.  Thank God for the person they have grown into and how much better they’d get.

  1. Share a full list of all the things you love and appreciate about them.

Do you need some ideas?  Here are some few:

– I love how well you know how to make me laugh. You are the perfect one for me.

– Thank you for faithfully taking out the trash for us

–  I appreciate that you stick to your words.  You always do what you say you’ll do.

–  You are such a hard worker and provide so well for us.  I’m grateful for that!

– I love how affectionate you are etc.

These ideas are just some of the easy and affordable ways to say you love your partner. Don’t forget to keep screaming I love you when doing any of these. Sometimes, it’s the little things that really matter and the heart you put into it.

BONUS: An important thing is that you should be committed to keeping your relationship alive and exciting.  And while we all agree that Valentine’s Day is a fun time of the year to celebrate love and romance, no one should just celebrate their significant other on that day and forget about the remaining part of the year. It should be a daily ritual.

Have a love-filled Valentine’s Day celebration.