Asepso is the choice antibacterial soap preferred by moms for a healthy skin for the whole family!

This is the number one choice of antibacterial soap in Nigeria preferred by moms for a beautiful and healthy skin for the whole family!

Asepso antibacterial soap is available in:

  1. Cool Sport
  2. Herbal
  3. Lemon Variants

Distributor Name Address Market State
Arizona Beauty & Fragrance Stores Central Market Central Market, Kaduna Kaduna
TCX- BrandConsulting Suite 1, Coka Office Complex, Airport Road, Benin. Agbeni, Benin Edo
Smartiemart Mega Stores 3/5, Ijaiye Road, Ogba. Agege Lagos
Maxico Ltd Ogun Plaza, Trade Fair. Trade Fair Lagos
Shamkar International Ltd Zone 1, Block 10, Ijaiye Medium Housing Estate. Agege Lagos

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