Almost everyone uses either an antiperspirant roll-on or a deodorant body spray, while some people use both.

Yes, both are used to combat the offensive smell, but they are basically not the same and cannot be interchanged. We realized a lot of people can’t clearly tell the difference between these two body care products and have decided to break down the difference between antiperspirant roll-on and deodorant body spray in this article.

Did you know that sweat has no odor and the stench that we perceive is as a result of bacteria that break down the sweat?
Now, let’s get familiarized with their definitions.

According to Wikipediadeodorant is a substance applied to the body to prevent body odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits, feet, and other parts of the body.
Collins’ Dictionary defines roll-on as a deodorant or cosmetic that you apply to your body using a container with a ball which turns around in the neck of the container.
A body spray is a perfume product, similar to aerosol deodorant, which is intended to be used elsewhere on the body besides the armpit.

Here Are The Basic Differences Between These Body Grooming Products:
• Roll-ons are mostly antiperspirants. Antiperspirants are a subgroup of deodorant formulated essentially to prevent the body from sweating.
• The role of an antiperspirant roll-on is to help reduce the amount of sweat that the body produces (it tackles the perspiration) while the deodorant body spray deals with the offensive odor that has begun already.
• Roll-ons are to be used for the armpits while body sprays can be used for any part of the body.
• Roll-ons take a longer time to dry, unlike body sprays which require only a short time to dry up.
• Some roll-ons cause white stains on dark clothes but body sprays do not, as it is completely invisible once applied.
• Roll-ons cannot and must not be shared with anyone else. It’s yours alone, seeing that it comes in direct contact with the skin. While body spray, on the other hand, can be shared among family and friends as there is no contact between the spray can and the body, except when handling.

Now that we know the differences between roll-ons and deodorants, we hope that you will be able to make proper decisions when deciding on which one to use. Now, we’ve made your decision making easier for you.
Using both is a good start to beating sweaty armpits and bad body odor. Frequently use deodorant body spray with its antibacterial powers to stop any stench before it starts and use antiperspirant roll-on to deal with the sweat directly.

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