Yes, the holidays are almost over! Children are beginning to have mixed feelings of happiness and sadness because schools will be resuming in a few days.

While many of them had the opportunity to explore the full fun package these holidays, others couldn’t. They were able to play as much as they desired, with most parents having a tough time controlling and hauling the behaviors of their children in this season.

Holidays for children are for rest; having fun and playing. Taking them to the shopping malls and parks on different occasions isn’t just enough for them this season.

These are just some fun outdoor ideas for your kids to enjoy this season. Not only do they have fun but it is also a time to strengthen bonds. They are cost effective and majorly require your time and attention.

Here are a few fun outdoor ideas for your kids to enjoy this season:

1. Take them out for a ride

Not only will they find new places to explore, but the kids will also find this a lot more relaxing. It’s going to be an awesome and wonderful outing for them as they get to know more places instead of just passing through as they have done every other day.
While having this ride, ensure that they are looking out of the window at all times (but not putting any part of their bodies outside) and ask them to tell you what they see and ask questions about things they are not sure of, as you go on the trip. This helps them become more familiar with their environment and places they’ve only read about in their books.
In the end, make sure you have a final destination in mind where you all can relax and revel in all the new places you’ve been to.


2. Head to an outdoor games center

Google is your friend! Just Google the top outdoor play areas in town and take your kids there. Trust us; children get bored when they have to visit the same playgrounds all the time without experiencing other fun areas. A new place might even become their favorite. You never can tell.
Another option will be to visit conservation and resort centers.


3. Make them visit the zoo

Kids love animals a lot. And it is not enough just seeing them on TV and in pictures. During this period, take them on a visit to the zoo to see live animals that they do not see on a regular.
This brings them lots of excitement and fulfillment. And when they resume in school, they’d want to tell anyone who cares to listen about all the animals they were opportune to see.
So when next the teacher is talking about animals in class, they get excited and participate in the lessons because they’ve probably seen most of these animals.


4. Have a water fight with them

Children love competitions especially one with their parents because this is more fun for them. You can do in the yard/compound as the case may be.
Bring alive your inner child and have a memorable time with your children. Go to the stores and purchase water guns for each person and set up teams and prizes to be won by the winning team. It could be a free-week of house chores or anything nice.
Just have fun with them.


5. Take them to the beach

This break is the perfect time to take your kids out to the beach. This will allow for more fulfilled plays as this will provide them enough space to run and have all the fun they want. Just pack a picnic box and you guys are set to have an amazing time at the beach.

Please ensure you keep a close eye on them and go with an extra adult or two to closely monitor the kids. You wouldn’t want them to go close to the waters unguided, thinking that there’s more fun there.

Give them something to talk about when they resume at their schools and make sure that through the course of these activities, you keep them clean and protected with the Asepso antibacterial soap, available in Lemon, Herbal, and Cool sport variants.

What are the other fun activities you engaged in, with your children? Share with us in the comment section, so other parents can learn too.