The whole essence of selecting the perfect shower gel is to leave your skin feeling fresh, smelling nice and sparkling clean.

Shower gels, also called shower cream or body wash, are basically a liquid soap that can be used to shower. However, shower gels are very different from the traditional liquid soaps in the sense that they do not contain saponified oil and have a different pH value from the traditional soap.

Are you having difficulties choosing the best shower gel for your skin? This write-up will put you through how to select the perfect shower gel just for you.

Therefore, many factors need to be considered before selecting the perfect shower gel. First of all, you would want to consider the scent, no one wants to leave the shower with a fragrance they don’t like. That means when shopping for your shower gel, you should pick one that smells nice since the smell will determine how pleasant or not-so-pleasant your shower experience will be.

Do you like cool or refreshing scents? Look for shower gels with such scents. A moisturizing body wash is recommended for those with dry skin. There are usually inscriptions on the bodies of the gels that indicate whether they are good for dry skin or not.

If you have normal skin, be rest assured that you can use any type of shower gel, though you should keep in mind that gels made for dry skin will have extra moisturizers while those intended for oily skin will have a more drying effect. If you have oily skin, then you can use most shower gels, but consider looking for those that have clarifying properties, or those that have been designed specifically for your skin type.

Another factor to put into consideration is an allergy. It is very possible that some shower gels contain ingredients that one might be allergic to, so great care must be taken in this regard. A piece of good advice is to choose a shower gel that is free of perfumes; something natural or organic.

Some shower gels contain exfoliants that help to scrub away dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and soft. We also advise that you use environmentally friendly shower gels.

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Now that you know how to select the right shower gel, let’s explain how you can use them without stress (just like the normal soap you are used to). Remember, using a good shower gel like Denim Shower Gel leaves your skin feeling fresh, smelling nice and sparkling clean.

Firstly, step into the shower and turn it on. Use the temperature that suits you but bear in mind that too much hot water can damage the skin. Cool or lukewarm water is ideal for dry skin and in fact any type of skin.

Just like you rub your soap bar unto your sponge, pour some gel unto your sponge – just the right quantity is enough. After that, you will need to work the sponge into a lather for a few seconds. Bear in mind that some organic gels will not produce as much lather as inorganic gels.

Then you should begin to gently scrub yourself all over, especially if the gel contains exfoliates.

After soaping your body, it’s time to rinse it all off.

Step out of the shower and dry yourself with a towel.

Then consider using a moisturizer on your skin to maintain a moist and soft feel.

Our Denim range of Shower Gel is sure to exceed performance expectations as it has been formulated with a balanced pH, which properly hydrates your skin and can be used every day. Don’t forget to use our Denim Body Spray after every shower for a rejuvenating feel!