Every now and then, we get exposed to germs and bacteria. With the rains here now, the exposure just gets higher, and it will only be wise for you to stay protected to avoid giving into illness and sicknesses that could arise from this wet season.

Imagine this scenario; you wake up in the morning, get ready for work, and join the hustle and bustle of the city alongside others who want to make a living for themselves. The rain starts unexpectedly and as you didn’t envisage that it was going to rain that day, you didn’t go out with your umbrella or even rain boot.

You get drenched by the rain, have to put your legs in stagnant waters here and there across the city with the dirty waters playing on your skin. Now, this is not a function of whether you had to jump a bus or you were in your car, but one of having to stay protected. Then, you get home, and because of the cold and the stress of the long day, do not bother to bathe, leaving the germs to feast and party on your skin.

Or is it the kids staying at home this holidays and they decide to play in the rain because the mummy isn’t at home to caution them.

Do you know how many germs would have attached to the skin as a result of all these? Germs become inherent in such a situation that calls for illness if not properly tackled.

How can you combat this and stay healthy? The solution is to use an antibacterial soap to help reduce your risk of falling sick or passing these germs to others. Antibacterial soaps help to reduce or eliminate any bacteria that can lead to skin infections, intestinal illnesses or other commonly transmitted diseases.

Additionally, antibacterial soaps are essential for the following set of people:

  1. Those in close contact with people at high risk for infections. For example; people that are immune-suppressed.
  2. Those in contact with infected people.
  3. Those in an environment where there is a high risk of disease transmission such as in food preparation, child-care centers etc.

Asepso is one of the first antibacterial soaps that was produced and it has since, been at the forefront of combating bacteria. Our antibacterial soap has unique properties that help to protect and cool the skin, hence ideal for hot weather conditions.

It is also worthy of note that during the rainy season, Asepso is commonly used to help remove dirt and oil from the skin which usually harbors germs, which if unchecked, will cause skin infections, which in turn could lead to illnesses and diseases. Our product also helps to keep the skin cool, thereby teaming up with the already cold weather in slowing down bacterial growth.

Never forget to wash your hands always to reduce the risk of infections.

It also helps to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and dirt, especially during this rainy season where we easily get skin reactions and germs everywhere, rash, itchy body and all of it. It helps fight against these germs and is recommended for all skin types, meaning it’s not harsh on the skin. Simply put, Asepso is an all-season antibacterial soap formulated to suit your body needs no matter the weather or season you find yourself.

Buy Asepso from any nearby stores today and live an infection-free life!

Asepo soap is very affordable, you do not have to break your bank account to get it, it comes in variants like the cool sport, herbal and lemon with an appealing scent. 

Don’t be misinformed about engaging in common-sense hygiene practices that can protect you from a serious illness. The problem we face today is not the overuse of beneficial hygiene products but misinformation.

What do you think about antibacterial soaps? Kindly drop your comments and questions below.