Every now and then, we get exposed to germs and bacteria.

With the rainy season fast approaching, there’s a higher tendency of one being exposed to germs and bacteria, and it will only be wise to prepare to stay extra protected at times like this. This will keep you away from illness and sicknesses.

But with the frequent use of antibacterial soap, your risk of being sick or passing germs to other people will be greatly reduced. It is well known that Antibacterial soaps are essential for people who are immune-suppressed, for those in contact with infected people, those in an environment where there is a high risk of disease transmission and also those who want to live a healthy life

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Asepso antibacterial soap is one of the first antibacterial soaps that was produced and it has since, been at the forefront of combating germs and bacteria. This antibacterial soap has unique properties that help to protect the skin. Knowing about the helpful benefits of the Asepso antibacterial soap, we have ensured that it is readily available in stores across the nation so the end users can readily get them.

However, we’ve gotten complaints from customers and fans alike about the unavailability of the Asepso antibacterial soap in their localities across Nigeria. Some have complained about the difficulty they experience in purchasing our soap at the store or in the market. This is not good news to us, considering the fact that they’ve made a choice to keep their skin protected all day long, and shouldn’t experience any hindrance on their path to achieving this.

To help tackle this, we’ll be sharing with you, some tips to help you get our soap anywhere you find yourself in Nigeria.

Asepso antibacterial soap can be gotten from trusted stores nationwide, in the open markets across the federation especially in Lagos state. Here is a list of some of our distributors, click here.

A carton of the Asepso antibacterial soap contains 12 rolls that house 72 tablets. Each roll of the soap has 6 tablets in it and you can readily purchase them in whichever quantity you want from our distributors.

You can also get Asepso antibacterial soap directly from us. All you need to do is send us a dm via Instagram or Twitter and we’ll ship it across to you if you can’t come down to the office to pick it up.

Buy Asepso from any nearby stores today and live an infection-free life!

Asepso antibacterial soap is very affordable and it comes in variants like the cool sport, herbal and lemon with an appealing scent and specifically formulated to suit your skin needs.